Riza Khan

Front-End Developer

Who I am

Front-end developer located in Canada, I've been working as a freelancer on Upwork for a couple of years now.

I cut my teeth creating Wordpress themes but eventually moved into Javascript development. When I discovered VueJS I was hooked and here we are.

I also enjoy learning about and then blogging about what I've learnt.

What I can do:


Got my first Upwork client

After months of bidding on jobs, got my first contract. Client had misplaced their password and needed their small business website rebuilt. I took the opportunity and managed to get a 5/5 star review.',
2019 August

Second Upwork Contract

Same client needed another website rebuilt. I really expanded my skills here by creating a brand new theme from scratch. Wonderful learning experience
2019 September

Broadstreet Ads

Joined a ad agency based out of New York, US. An amazing experience that exposed me to many new technologies. Had to come upto speed with Ruby On Rails, VueJS. Also involved with lots of vanilla Javascript while building ad formats. Great experience, will always be indebted to Kenny.
2019 Ocotober

Redman Technologies

After my Broadstreet Ads contract ended I got a brief contract with a technology company out in Alberta. Great experience working on their VueJS application. Stressful but I go through it with flying colors.
2020 September


An eight month long contract that really exposed me to VueJS at a production level on a daily basis. Fast paced and stressful, this was the best experience of my live. A great experience!
2020 October


A step up, I got a position that involves me managing everything about the project. From the coe, testing and how everything with be structured. This is going to be by far the best opportunity to show myself as a project manager and not just an employee
2021 May

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