Expert Casting (Wordpress Website)

My first ever contract on Upwork was with this client. They had asked me to rebuild this website that was not mobile friendly or looked particulary good. I was very apprehensive when I got this contract as I didn't have any experience at the time.

I ended up picking up a Wordpress course on Udemy and that really opened up my eyes on how to build themes in Wordpress. Althought in hindsight, I would have purchased a theme and inputted the information that way, but I wanted to really start off as a developer and thus ended up coding everything myself.

I've learnt a lot about web develoment since, but this site is near and dear to my heart because it really put me on the digital map as a creator and developer.



I wanted a minimilist, kind of metallic look to the site, and I think I achieved that with the background image and font color/weight.