Ad Formats

Fun projects through and through. Lots of Vanilla Javascript, SCSS and HTML mark up. Made for my past employer.

Automatic Slider

One format that really 2x'd my Javascript skills. Although it turned out to be quite simple, the ad format allowed me to make the connection between all three parts of Web development. I actually wrote about it more in my blog.

Static Ads

Better Business

Simple Flex setup, with the image being positioned using position: absolute. Quite a basic setup.


You can do the border with a CSS property. And simply flexbox the interior. Very simple

Fund Raiser With Video

Simple layout and the video keeps things interesting.

Fund Raiser With Image

Love simple advertisements, they really accentuate the issue at hand and don't take attention away unnecessarily.

Social Media

A simple advertisement, very minimalist with lots of empty space. These types are advertisements are my favorite.