ZSA Moonlander

Before the Moonlander

Prior to owning a Moonlander, I had been using Corsair's K95, which was a stellar keyboard. I had bought is back in 2015 and used it everyday for 6 years. By the end of its life, the A key was completely mushed, and you could barely make out what it was. I had quite a lot of macros set on the large array of customs keys it had on the left hand side. I don't remember the key types but they felt awesome and smooth.

Definitely nothing to complain about.

Why did I change?

Back in 2015 I wasn't a coder, so I didn't sit in front of the computer all day. However, in 2019 I decided to pursue web development and that entailed sitting in front of the computer for endless amounts of hours. A 12 hours day was typical. My body had to adjust and I could feel some small pains creep up.

Pains and Discomforts

What promoted me to get try split keyboards was the position of my arms and shoulders. I kept wanting to spread my arms out rather then them being so close as is required on a regular keyboard. I felt this stiffness right on my shoulders which could only be addressed by stretching for a few minutes.

A lot of times your focusing and forget how long you have been sitting and your body becomes terribly stiff, especially my shoulders. When I saw the Moonlander I pictured my self sitting with my arms wider apart and I felt immediately comfortable (I hadn't bought the keyboard at this point).


So I bit the bullet (A big one at that, this baby is expensive) and ordered it. I was kind of surprised how quickly it arrived considering the pandemics impact and it is only manufactured in Taiwan. As soon as I got it I bit another bullet. I completely disconnected my other keyboard and only used the Moonlander.

Using the Moonlander for the first week felt awful. I was working full-time (still am :D) at the time and typing out messages to my teammates was a total chore and it would take me ages to respond to their questions over chat. I, however, wasn't going back to my old keyboard, the new sitting posture was exactly what I needed and I had to get used to it as fast as I could.

I just keep practicing and building my muscle memory. I'm typing this article on my Moonlander and I'm averaging around 80 WPM. That's as fast as I can think so not too bad :).

What I think about it

Love it. I think if your having the physical issues I was having, you should definitely consider this purchase. It is so much nicer typing with your arms wider apart, especially if your sitting in front of your screen for as long as I am.

The standard layout the keyboard comes with is quite well thought out. When I switch to my laptop on occasion, I find myself miss-clicking quite often. Having the Delete and Back-Space on your left hand is so much better. Your thumb also gets into a lot of action and you will have to use it to hit a number of keys that previously your other fingers did. Some of those keys are still a bit awkward for me though (about 1 month into using it regularly).

Another great selling point is the (intuitive in my opinion) software that runs on this keyboard. It allows you to switch between various 'layers' so you can have the same key do different things depending on a number of criteria (ie, how fast you hit it, if you are holding it or if you've changed your layer). That are just the few and I think since I bought it.

I haven't changed much besides adding a few layers to accommodate my unique circumstances.